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I hope you come to visit me there.

Image courtesy of Artur84

Image courtesy of Artur84

I’ll be posting a new thought once a week on a Monday morning – just to start off the week with some food for thought – and if another one pounces on me during the week I’ll set it loose too.

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Busy Moving

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Hi there.

Sorry for the silence this past week. I’ve been busy moving to a new site and it’s taking my focus. I sort of wanted to get it all ready and then invite y’all over but it’s taking longer than expected to get it into ship shape. I’m being slowed. Sigh. So much for trying to present well.

So after some thought I want to say that you are welcome to pop on over while I’m still mid-construction if you want. I figure it’s good for everyone if I don’t pretend things are always presentable.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Parenting offers that lesson all the time doesn’t it? How to be ok letting other people see you mid-learning. How to keep your dignity while being caught in your more embarrassing moments. You know, like when your child opens the door to the bathroom so your guests see you sitting on the toilet? Or when he or she contradicts you with the blunt truth while you are trying to be tactful to spare someone’s feelings? Or when your blessed darling tells their friends what you did the other night… and now they all know you did that and when you see any of them that’s all both of you can think about…

Learning in public. Very uncomfortable and very good for self-acceptance.

If you are so inclined, my new site is and if you are not, I will announce the official unveiling when its ready(er).

Where will you allow others to see you mid-growth?

Where won’t you?